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Lustgård, Trosa och Nyköping

Pia Hagerth | | 2007-05-24 16:32
Bed & Breakfast at Livslust
- real country life in Sweden!

Stay, live and enjoy
Come to our country home, wonderful all year living.
With the right clothes, there’s no such thing as bad weather!
Gather your friends and just relax together. Why not book an unforgettable
outdoor experience on a western horse!

Bed and Breakfast
You can stay in one of our houses with excellent standard. The rooms are beautifully decorated with comfortable beds and peaceful colors and will let your creativity flow or allow you to rest, it’s all up to you!
Prices from SEK 475 kr/per person

Rent a house
The house has a nice and well equipped kitchen with microwave, freezer, refrigerator, oven and stove. More is a television and nice heating if it gets chilly. Prices SEK 4500 – 7500 kr per week.

General information
Make your reservations early so that we can arrange and include activities you wish to do.
Good transportation systems (bus 555 or 710 from Nyköping), 7 km to the grocery store, 15 km to a very special restaurant in the middle of nature, definite offpist with great food, 5 km to a 24 - hour open gas station.
Request for information and reservation, please, e-mail pi@ariana.se
+ 46 70 421 64 34, +46 (0)155 26 11 11/4

Where to find us?
Sättersta Kyrkby Övergårdens nearest neighbor is Sättersta Church in Sättersta.
Take exit 137 (E4) if you are coming from Stockholm and drive towards Nyköping and keep on the road until you see the sign Livslust and Sättersta Kyrka.
Take exit 135 (E4) if you are coming from Nyköping. Turn right towards Nyköping, keep right until you come to a crossing. Turn right towards Södertälje, drive about 4 km until you see the sign Sättersta Kyrka and Livslust.

Please visit our homepage for more information www.livslust.nu.

Welcome to our heaven wishes Pia with family
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Sv: Lustgård, Trosa och Nyköping
Stamo Pieratos-Graham | | 2007-08-08 22:56
Hi Pia,
It is Stamo.. I was there last week.
Hope you and your family are fine and doing well.

Just wanted to get the infor regarding the carpet I want to order. You mentioned that it would be ordered directly; just need the info.
PS. Hope you were able to make it to the Gypsy exhibit in Stockholm, if you did tell me your reaction.

Sv: Lustgård, Trosa och Nyköping
Pia | | 2007-08-09 12:32
Hi Stamo

We are fine and I will absolutely try to live my palce on earth to see the exhibit and I will tell you what I felt.

Happy that you still find the carpet interesting.

What I ment was that I do the order for you as soon as you are ready to leave the order which have to includ size, adress for delivery and if you still wish to have the color you fell in love with. When I get that info I find out the terms of delivery and price and give the information to you and then we will find out if you still want it and if, we close the deal. Good for you?

Stamo, I prefer you to send e-mail to pi@ariana.se because there I look everyday.

Glad to hear from you any way and hope you family loved my country because then maybe we can see you again.

Take care of life.


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